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December 12, 2007 - Daily News - BillingOSS News Desk, London

"BRAVO" Goes Live with Hybrid Accounts from CBOSS

BRAVO can now offer hybrid accounts on the basis of the convergent solution from CBOSS.




Today, 4 mobile companies operate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia , including three GSM operators in addition to "Bravo", the first and only specialized iDEN (integrated Digital Enhanced Network) service provider in the kingdom as well as the GCC countries. "Bravo" is mainly targeting the business segment.

iDEN technologies enable access to two different types of services – Dispatch radio and Interconnect (traditional GSM, SMS and data) services – from a single handset. Dispatch services are primarily used by business customers for intra-corporate communications, as they are faster, more efficient, cost effective and in many ways more convenient than traditional mobile. At the same time, companies use Interconnect services for calls to other mobile providers, fixed-line numbers, as well as for international calls.

One very important factor for businesses is cost control, where the employer provides his employees with convenient packages from "Bravo" that provides unlimited PTT communication against a fixed monthly fee plus a choice of additional bundled cellular minutes. Enterprises would like to maintain cost control, whereas employees need their lines to continue serving them beyond the corporate allowance. Seeking both businesses and employees satisfaction, the operator needed to support hybrid accounts. "Bravo" positioned this service as a capability for companies to clearly differentiate business and personal calls of their employees. Hybrid accounts could make these services much more attractive and expand "Bravo"'s marketing capabilities.

The hybrid accounts were implemented on the basis of the prepaid billing platform CBOSSprepaid and the multi-account balance system CBOSSmab. New products seamlessly enhanced the existent solution and allowed "Bravo" to offer its business customers a capability to separate Dispatch and Interconnect traffic of every employee. Dispatch calls charged in postpaid mode are by default classified as business calls and paid by the company. At the same time, prepaid Interconnect calls can be partly paid by the company, with all calls over a certain limit charged to the employee's personal account.

The enhanced solution now serves to strengthen the loyalty of "Bravo"'s business customers and improve the company's profit margins. By now, more than 25% of "Bravo"'s customers have opted for hybrid accounts.

“The solution was implemented within a record time with absolutely no interruption of service”, says Malik Bentaieb, Chief Operating Officer at "Bravo". “CBOSS has once again demonstrated a high level of professionalism in such a complicated project.”

It is also noteworthy that in 2006 CBOSS Association developed and supported a marketing campaign for "Bravo" timed for Hajj. The campaign was targeted at companies serving pilgrims. Hybrid accounts enabled better coordination of their actions resulting in improved quality of service. The offer proved very attractive, and "Bravo" is planning to provide this service in the future.

"Bravo" - is the first wireless operator in Saudi Arabia . "Bravo" offers companies, associations and groups a unique and secure wireless communications solution.

"Bravo" is built on Motorola's Integrated Digital Enhancement Network (iDEN) technology providing a proven communications platform for voice and data.

"Bravo" offers “Push-to-Talk”, which make it possible to communicate instantly with one person (one-to-one) or groups of people (one-to-many) with a simple push of a button on special iDEN enabled handsets. Bravo also offers cellular services such as voice, SMS, local and long-distance calling, data and internet access, and call handling services.

CBOSS - is a transnational corporation and a world leader in the development of innovative convergent IT solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications enterprises, delivering a competitive edge to telecoms on all inhabited continents.

CBOSS Corporation offers the full range of equipment, system and application software and professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementation, technical support, staff training and IT outsourcing, providing telcos with guaranteed operations quality while minimizing operational and capital expenditures.

CBOSS can supply operators, service providers and MVNOs with all components of IT infrastructure and/or services, as well as with full-scale outsourcing options, providing a reliable single point of responsibility.

For details, please visit : http://www.cbossgroup.com



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"BRAVO" Goes Live with Hybrid Accounts from CBOSS