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November 26, 2007 - Daily News - BillingOSS News Desk, London

CBOSS Integrates Billing Systems of Yeniseytelecom and STeK GSM

CBOSS Corporation has successfully integrated the billing systems of Yeniseytelecom and STeK GSM.

The integration was performed in line with the business development strategy of Yeniseytelecom and involved the unification of different currencies used by the telecoms' billing systems. The complex project also featured various services including technological consulting, business process reengineering, system integration, etc.




The centralization of Yeniseytelecom's billing on a single platform brings down hardware maintenance costs and drives more efficient use of resources to launch new services and install updates. Another benefit of the integration is the normalization of the companies' reporting and accounting, which improves business manageability and provides better informed decision-making based on higher data availability. Moreover, the centralization allows the service provider to prepare and simultaneously launch unified offerings for all subscribers served in its networks.

The migration to Yeniseytelecom's billing has not affected STeK GSM's operation and services. Today, the unified platform successfully supports all tariffs and business processes of both telecommunication companies.

Adding to the migration of data and setting of the postpaid billing and customer care system CBOSSbcc, the core of the solution, CBOSS specialists also changed configurations of CBOSS' value-added services including the Internet customer service CBOSSics, automated customer care system CBOSSacc, etc.

”In record time, CBOSS has transferred more than 90 000 customer accounts to our billing system,” said Vladimir Kostjuk, IT Director at Yeniseytelecom. “We appreciate the high quality of provided services and hope that it will remain on the same level”.

CBOSS has unique, time-tested expertise in data migration from various billing systems without business operation interruption and taking into account existing technological processes, which guarantees transferred data integrity, uninterruptible service provisioning, and minimum modifications to the legacy business processes.

Yeniseytelecom, CJSC (ETK) is the largest mobile network operator of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Taymyr Autonomous Okrug, and the Republic of Khkassia . The company provides GSM 900/1800 services. In Krasnoyarsk Krai, Yeniseytelecom provides IMT-MC 450 (CDMA2000 1x) services under the WELLCOM brand. Yeniseytelecom owns 99.72% of Altaisvyaz, JSC (a cellular company in Altai Krai and Altai Republic with 43,000 subscribers) and 99% of STeK GSM (a cellular company in Kemerovo Oblast serving over 91,000 subscribers).

The total subscriber base of the company is more than 1,7 million subscribers. Since March 1, 2006 Yeniseytelecom has been operating under the ETK brand. According to the research and analysis firm Sotovik, Yeniseytelecom is one of Russia 's top ten largest telecommunications companies. Yeniseytelecom is fully-owned by Sibirtelecom, JSC, the largest telecommunications company of Siberia .

CBOSS - is a transnational corporation and a world leader in the development of innovative convergent IT solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications enterprises, delivering a competitive edge to telecoms on all inhabited continents.

CBOSS Corporation offers the full range of equipment, system and application software and professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementation, technical support, staff training and IT outsourcing, providing telcos with guaranteed operations quality while minimizing operational and capital expenditures.

CBOSS can supply operators, service providers and MVNOs with all components of IT infrastructure and/or services, as well as with full-scale outsourcing options, providing a reliable single point of responsibility.


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